Welcome to the Iberian Congress of African Studies (CIEA-10)!  We are very glad to count on your coming to Granada, and be a part of this meeting.


For this coming edition of CIEA-10, African Cultures and Peoples: Identities, Power, Knowledge, and Traditions in Feminine, we focus on people’s knowledge and actions for social transformation. Thus, a day of the Congress will be dedicated to honoring the pioneers in the implementation of this international Congress for the Iberian context, such as Ferran Iniesta Vernet (Universidad de Barcelona) and Isabel Castro Henriques (Universidade de Lisboa). Being within the African Women’s Decade (2010-2020), another session will deal with African feminisms and activisms, that is, female and male contributions to the continent. A final day shall explore global and local representations, and as it were to end up taking the congress "to the street" as a way of closing it as well.


During the course of CIEA-10 some recently published texts are to be presented: the book entitled Women, Markets, and Development: African Perspectives (Mujeres, Mercados y Desarrollo: Perspectivas Africanas, Albert Roca-Álvarez, Ed., Icaria Editorial, 2017), the monograph on African World Visions (Visiones del Mundo Africano, URV, 2016) or the Spanish translation of Male Daughters, Female Husbands, Gender and Sex in an African Society (Zed Press, 1987) by Ifi Amadiume. We also plan to show several recent documentaries; for instance, that by Alfredo Torrescalles y Berta Mediguren, Los párpados cerrados de Centroáfrica (2016, The Closed Eyelids of Central African Republic).


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