June, Friday 24th, 2016

  • 7.30-9.00: Registration
  • 8.00-9.00: Social Dreaming
  • 9.15-9.45: Welcome, Symposium Opening
  • 9.45-11.15: Keynote speaker Assoc. Prof. Oğuz Babüroğlu Moderator Marina Mojovic
  • 11.15-11.45: Coffee Break
  • 11.45-13.15: PAPER SESSION 1
Philip Boxer: Questioning unconscious investment in 'turning a blind eye'. Ken Eisold Room moderator M. G. Fromm
Judith Bell: Relationships at Work. Susan Long Room Moderator Niels van Steenbergen
Lionel Stapley: ‘Diversity, Prejudice & Racism: Origins and potential cures, a neuroscience perspective’. Kathy White Room Moderator John Smith
Thomas Kretschmar and Moritz Senarclens de Grancy:The use of guided affective imagery to unveil unconscious ethics of corporate leaders. David Armstrong Room Elisabeth Henderson
Kate Dempsey: “A force, not a labour, a struggle not a thougtexto en negritaht”: Applying the concept of Duende to ethical dilemmas at work Rose Mersky Room Moderator Alicia Kaufmann
  • 13.15-14.30: Lunch

texto en negrita

  • 14.30-16.00: PAPER SESION 2
David Armstrong: 'Psychoanalytic Study' and the Ethical Imagination; the making, finding and losing of a tradition Ken Eisold Room moderator Susan Long
James Dalgleish: Task as an ethical reference point in work-systems Susan Long Room moderator R. M. Jones
Irina Izotova: Emotional Communications of Transference and Countertransference as an Instrument of Working with Organizational Unconscious Defenses in the Format of Psychoanalytic Business Coaching. Larry Gould Room moderator Simon Western

Rita Baddoura & Thibault de Swarte: |Automated killing in the digital era: a psychoanalytical reflection on warfare drones and related ethical issues. David Armstrong Room Moderator Philip Boxer|

Thomas Hoffman:Leadership is Cheating Management.Rose Mersky Room Moderator Dr. Claudia Nagel
  • 14.00-16.30: Afternoon Break
  • 16.30-17.45: PAPER SESION 3
Ekaterina Mikhaylova & Joan Coll: The Hate that cures. Conflict resolution in modern psychoanalytic school. Ken Eisold Room Moderator Susan Khan
James Walker: Optimism bias: governance with lack of presumed knowledge. Larry Gould Room Moderator aaron Nurick
Steen Visholm, Dorte Sandeger & Merete: Networks, borders and boundaries Kathy White Room Moderator Marc Maltz
Yvonne Web: Falling through the gaps: working ethically across health and social boundaries. David Armstrong Room Moderator Heidi Rose
Mark Argent:The madness of an election.Rose Mersky Room Moderator Elisabeth Neustadt