June, Thursday 23rd, 2016

**Member’s Day Program: Moving ISPSO towards the Future**

Morning: “To remain loyal to the future of ISPSO requires members to stay engaged in dialogue during tumultuous, fascinating and uncertain times. Together we are asking what has to happen inside of ISPSO to meet the challenges we are facing in the outside world.” (President’s Letter, Carole Eigen)

A) 09:30-11:00 The Board report to the Members: The goal is to make the sustaining structures and current objectives more transparent and available for interaction. The Board is ‘piloting’ a formal Annual Report that will be posted on the Member’s Only section of the website. Coffee

B) 11:30-13:00 Re-designing spaces for dialogue: exploring the push and pull of desire and resistance to future innovations A User Friendly Listserv (Mary Joyce) Expanding the use of Social Media (Nicola Wreford Howard) Publishing in refereed journals and e-journals (Nadine Tchelebi Simon Western)


Afternoon: “Many streams on the listserv start with concerns about political, environmental or economic disturbances and their effects both on persons and systems. To some this may seem outside our ISPSO purpose, yet it persists in our community, not only because global events affect some of our members quite substantially, but also because psychoanalysis has something to say” (listserve discussion, Susan Long)

A) 14:00-15:30 Working with real world challenges: an exploration of what motivates us to get involved and how we use psychoanalytic insight in our approach. Seeking political asylum in the USA (Barbara Eisold) Re-building after the earthquake in Nepal (Claudia Nagel) Repair after the terrorist attack in Norway (Renate Bowen)


B) 16:00-17:30 Unexpected ethical challenges: there are agreed rules and then there are specific situations in which it is not entirely clear how we would apply them… A discussion inspired by the experiments of Milgram (administrating electric shock) and Zimbardo (role play of prison guards). (facilitated by Jeff Axelbank and Diane Gartland)

*Officers: President: Carole Eigen; President-elect: Simon Western; Executive Director: Fabio D’Apice; Secretary-Treasurer: Marc Maltz; Technology Officer: Andreas Amentas *Elected Board members: Jerry Fromm, Richard Morgan Jones, Steen Visholm, Kathy White, Larry Hirschhorn, Beth Neustadt