Social Program

Thursday 23th
Alhambra night visit & welcome coktail

Carmen de los mártires
We will start with a private night visit to the illuminated Alhambra for those attending the AM (The Alhambra will be closed to the general public). After the visit we will have a reception will be held at Carmen de los Martires (close to The Alhambra). Located in what is known as “Campo de los Mártires”, it was originally a shrine, and later a Barefoot Carmelite convent established in 1492. This traditional house is perhaps the city’s most interesting, not only on account of its size and stunning enclosed gardens, but also for the fact that many original architectural elements can be seen retained in a design dating from the 19th century.

During the course of this reception.
We enclose historical information on this site
Friday 24th
Walking Tour of the City

This tour will be with a professional guide to the Albaicin and Sacromonte. We’ll be taken by bus to this part of the city for a guided walking tour in two of the oldest districts, both UNESCO World Heritage sites. Albaicín provides breath-taking views over the Alhambra and the gardens of the ‘Cármenes’, small houses typical of the Albaicín. The Sacromonte area is famous for its caves, in which the gipsy community celebrates its flamenco parties, dancing and singing.
The tour will end with ‘tapas’ and a drink.
Saturday 25th
Gala Dinner

The Gala Dinner will be situated in the grounds of a typical Andalusian house,a “Cortijo”, close to Granada. Here we will reproduce a small Seville Fair.
There will be tents with typical Spanish foods in each one and the use of small tables will give us the greatest ability to move from table to table.
Waiters will be in traditional dress and there will be dancing and flamenco music performed by gypsy musicians.