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Dear colleagues and friends,

We are glad to announce the 7th EAAP International Symposium on Energy and Protein Metabolism and Nutrition (ISEP 2022) to be held in Granada (Spain) from September 12-15 2022. ISEP is the heir of previous symposiums, the International Symposium on Energy Metabolism (Copenhagen, Denmark, 1958 – Snekkersten, Denmark, 2000) and the International Symposium on Protein Metabolism and Nutrition (Nottingham, UK, 1974 – Aberdeen, UK, 1999), that combined in 2003 to become the 1st International Symposium on Energy and Protein Metabolism and Nutrition (ISEP) held in Rostock (Germany). Since then, Vichy (France), Parma (Italy), Sacramento (USA), Krakow (Poland) and Belo Horizonte (Brazil) have hosted this event triennially. We are looking forward seeing old friends and meeting new ones in a face to face event.

The ISEP is considered one of the most important forums to keep updated on the latest topics and trends on energy and protein metabolism and nutrition of farm animals and other nutrition related disciplines. We count on you to contribute to this event for which a high-quality scientific program with prominent keynote speakers has been designed (see preliminary program). We expect attendees from everywhere around the world.

Researchers from universities, research institutions and industry involved in nutrition and metabolism of farm animals, but also other related fields such as pet nutrition and animal models applied to human nutrition are more than welcome.

We look forward to meeting you in Granada!


Ignacio Fernández-Fígares (CSIC)

Chair of the Organizing Committee of ISEP 2022


Important notice:

We are pleased to announce that ISEP 2022 will host the Rank Prize Fund invited Lecture in Animal Nutrition.
The prize recognises excellence in the field of Animal Nutrition and comprises an honorarium and a contribution for travel and accommodation to attend the ISEP. The recipient will give a main lecture during the symposium and the invited paper will be published in Animal. Further information available at (Rank Fund Lecture in Animal Nutrition.pdf





08 November: Title submission open

01 December: Registration open

10 January: Title submission deadline

25 January: Abstract submission opens

21 March:  Abstract submission deadline

22 April:  Notification of acceptance/revision to authors

23 April - 03 May:  Response to revisions by authors

16 May:  Final decision

10 Jun:  Early Bird registration deadline

12-15 September:  7th ISEP





  1. Protein and energy metabolism in ruminants
  2. Protein and energy metabolism in non-ruminants
  3. Impact of heat stress and other environmental challenges on energy and protein metabolism
  4. Reducing environmental impact of livestock on GHG and other emissions
  5. Feed processing, additives and novel feeds
  6. Methods and technologies for research and smart nutrition
  7. Modelling







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